How to convert audio or video files with VLC

With VLC media player, you can easily convert your audio or video files to make them compatible with your mobile device, tablet or other player. No need to install any other software !!!

How to convert audio or video files with VLC

Launch VLC.


Click on the menu Media then on Convert / Save.


Click on the button Add.


Select the file to convert and click To open

Then click on the button Convert / Save.


Expand the list Profile and select the type (audio or video) and the output format you want: H.246, MP3, Flac,… You can create your own profile by clicking on the button Create a new profile or modify an existing profile with the button Settings.


Click on the button Browse.


Select a folder where to put the converted file and give it a name. Click on Record.


Finally click on the button Start.


Your file is then converted by VLC. The player scroll bar indicates the progress of the operation.


You will find your convert file in the location you previously specified.