How to control your smartphone remotely

How to control your smartphone remotely

It is sometimes interesting to use your smartphone from your computer. Airdroid is a simple and effective solution to get there, whether with a PC or Mac computer. The application also offers the possibility of transferring files, displaying notifications and even content on your computer.

Android is a complete application which can be used for various purposes, in particular to connect an Android smartphone to a Mac. Among other things, you can therefore use the application to perform file transfers, to save your data (for a factory reset, for example), receive notifications, interact with your contacts by sending / receiving messages (SMS, WhatsApp and others) …

Install AirDroid on Android

The big advantage of AirDroid is its simplicity of use. In fact, simply install the Android application:

AirDroid: distance / file
Install on Google Play

Some features are available on the web version, so you just need to scan a QR code (like WhatsApp Web), but most of the really compelling features require using the desktop version (even for HTTPS only) ). It's up to you to decide based on your expectations and preferences.

To connect the two devices, nothing more simple, just launch the application on Android and connect to the web version or to the desktop client. Then you can either enter your credentials or simply scan the QR code from the AirDroid app on your smartphone or tablet.

how to use android device manager airdroid image 00
Mac users are familiar with this application which facilitates communication with their Android smartphone. AndroidPIT

Once connected, you can access your files on Android, copy and transfer whatever you want but with certain limitations, to get around them you will have to go through the Premium version. This of course aims to make the user pay so that he can take full advantage of the offer.

The application offers an overview of the status of the storage memory available on your device, as well as shortcuts for changing and transferring files between your PC or Mac computer, by drag and drop (drag & drop). We can absolutely manage everything, music, files, videos, missed calls, etc.

androidpit airdroid2
Quick access keys allow simple navigation (here in German because my browser is in German) ANDROIDPIT

In summary, AirDroid is a very simple application, packed with excellent details. We can cite the ergonomics of the interface, the possibility of making calls (premium version only), the ease of use …

You can do (almost) everything, for example installing APKs. The only drawback: heavy users will probably have to go through the premium version. You will have to choose between 1.99 dollars / month or an annual rate of 19.99 dollars per year (which amounts to 1.67 dollars / month).

Do you use AirDroid or are you more in favor of the good old USB cable?

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