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How to control your smartphone from a computer?

airdroid remote smartphone control

Have you ever needed to access documents saved on your smartphone remotely? Or even to display the content of it (Android or iPhone) on a PC or Mac? The solution is there: just download Airdroid.

Once installed on your mobile, this software will allow you to use the basic functionality of your mobile from a computer. And even from a simple browser.

After installing the program, you will need to identify yourself using a Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You can also create an Airdroid account.

Once identified on your smartphone, go to from your computer. Then identify yourself using this same account. Once this is done, the Airdroid interface will appear in your browser. By clicking on the apps on the left, you can find the photos available on your smartphone for example.

access photos smartphone pc mac

If you wish, you can also send SMS from Airdroid by clicking on the “ Posts ” Your smartphone will then ask for an authorization which will obviously have to be granted.

send sms pc mac

Please note: Airdroid is a free application but limited to 200 MB of transferred data. Avoid streaming Netflix on your computer, otherwise you will have to go to the cashier. If you want to play mobile games on your PC, we recommend that you use Bluestacks instead.

Finally and if you prefer, Airdroid also offers two dedicated applications on Mac and PC to install directly on your computer for more responsiveness: download Airdroid for Pc and Mac.

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