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How to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to TV?

How to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to TV?

There are several reasons why you may want to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the TV: watch Tlchargs movies on the Google Play Store or on the Appstore, display photos, play games on a larger screen … Synchronizing the two devices is simple and there are various ways to do it. We explain how in this article.


How to connect your smartphone to TV with an HDMI cable

To connect your phone to the TV via the HDMI socket, you will need, in addition to an HDMI cable, a cable adapter to connect the microUSB port of your smartphone to the HDMI cable. Almost all smartphone manufacturers offer their cables for sale, but you can do so with any brand of cable.

Once you connect the smartphone to the TV via the cable, you just need to select the source on the TV screen. To do this, press the button on your Source call controller (sometimes it is a symbol with an arrow pointing in a rectangle). Select HDMI and the TV screen will display the current smartphone.

How to connect your smartphone to TV with WiFi

To be able to do this via your wireless internet connection, you must first check that your television has WiFi access (usually Smart TVs usually have this system integrated). Please note that it is important to connect your smartphone and your television to the same WiFi network, of course.

AirPlay for iOS

Like Google, Airplay technology led by Apple, is based on WiFi. Convenient and instant, provided you use Apple or other compatible products, AirPlay uses your Internet network to display content from your iPhone or iPad to the receiver screen. Among the compatible products, the Freebox Rvolution should not be confused with the Freebox Delta.

If you are not yet equipped with a compatible device you can go to the Apple TV 4K, 199, and which offer its own box features like Apple TV + and Apple Arcade. Be aware that a Chromecast is 3 times cheaper. It's up to you to see if the Apple TV options are worth investing more.

To test the AirPlay follow these steps:

  1. Open the iOS shortcuts panel
  2. Start AirPlay broadcast to Apple TV or use the functionality found in applications with the same logo

Note that AirPlay is also available on macOS. It is thus possible to broadcast the screen of a Mac in AirPlay.

androidpit Chromecast 2015 20
Connecting your smartphone via your WiFi connection is possible. ANDROIDPIT

To find out if your phone has this feature, scroll down the notification bar at the top and access the menu shortcuts. Look for a Multiscreen, Wireless Display, Wireless Display or similar name. Now follow these steps:

1. Via the source of your television (Source button or arrow symbol), select the wireless display option. 2. Start the multi-screen option on your smartphone. Your phone will then search for other devices that are connected to the WiFi network using this function. Select the TV connected to the network. 3. Once the two devices are recognized, you will see on your TV screen what appears on your smartphone.

How to connect your smartphone to TV with Chromecast

This technology is childishly simple. You need a Chromecast receiver plugged into the HDMI port of your television, connect it to the same WiFi network as your smartphone, and compatible applications can then be "cast" directly on television. You can find the list of compatible applications on the Google site. This technology also works with Apple products: iPad and iPhone.

Other solutions

Some applications also allow you to connect your phone to the TV screen automatically. Usually, this type of application is related to video or images, such as YouTube for example.

In these applications, you will find a button at the top right that allows you to connect your smartphone to the TV. By clicking on it, your TV will automatically recognize the terminal.

The various ISPs in France also provide compatible boxes and applications. The connection is then made via a simple button from the app.

Finally, the purchase of a Chromecast can be considered to facilitate the connection of your smartphone to your TV.

androidpit chromecast youtube app
Clicking on the blue icon will allow you to cast. Google

Do you know another way to connect your smartphone to the tl?

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