how to configure your daily journey?

how to configure your daily journey?

Google has just released the new version of its mapping application. Google Maps inherits in particular from a new icon and sees its interface modified in depth. The navigation within the application is simpler and architecture around five tabs.

One of them, Trips, allows you to find the most efficient route for your daily Home-Work trip with the consideration of live traffic conditions and the alternative route suggestion. Here's how to configure it to get the most out of it.

1. Access the Parameters

Open Google Maps, go to tab discover, press your avatar then, in the menu that appears, enter the settings of the application. Under title Dplacements, enter the menu Home-work commute.

2. Fill in the addresses

Tour tour, enter the menus Home and Job to enter the two addresses there and confirm each by pressing okay.

3. Change the route preferences

Google Maps then offers you to define your preferences. Enter the menu Means of transport to define the means or means of transport you use to get around.

Depending on the means of transport used, different menus can then be displayed. If you use public transport for example, enter the menus Directions to work, and Route to home. You can add your Departures and Departures Arrivals, add a stopover to your journey, etc.

You must then fill in the usual timetables for your journey. Enter the menu Journey times and select the days of the week and the hours you usually travel and confirm your preferences.

If you wish, you can also choose to Receive home-work notifications, to receive an alert when an incident is declared on your trip for example.

Finally, Google Maps will also offer youObtain more precise information on your commute. If this option can be useful for obtaining more precise travel times, it requires that you allow the application to constantly access your position and that you therefore activate the Location history on your Google account.