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How to configure contactless payment on iPhone and Android?

How to configure contactless payment on iPhone and Android?

While the whole world has to face the coronavirus, the French are confined and have the right to go out only for very specific reasons, including that of shopping for first necessity. Paying in a store unfortunately exposes you to several sources of contamination, such as handling currency or having to type your credit card code on the keyboard of the payment terminal. It is indeed possible to pay without contact with your bank card, but your purchases should not exceed thirty euros.

There is however a solution which will allow you to pay without contact and without limitation of the purchase amount. you just have to configure a payment method in Apple Pay on the iPhone or Google Pay on Android (provided that your smartphone is equipped with NFC). The two services are not, however, equal, that of Apple accepting a greater number of banking establishments than that of Google. You can check for yourself whether your bank is one of those compatible with the Apple Pay or Google Pay payment system.

In addition to allowing you to pay for all your purchases at merchants with a payment terminal compatible with contactless technology, Apple Pay and Google Pay will give you the possibility of making payments online, on sites that accept this type of payment.

Configure Apple Pay

1. Open Wallet

Search on your iPhone for the application Wallet. This virtual wallet allows you to keep your transport tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and of course your payment cards.

2. Add a card

Push the button +, then on Continue. The following window should offer you to add a card by scanning it with the iPhone camera, or to enter the data manually. Choose one of the options, check your card data and press next.

Then enter the expiration data and the three-digit visual cryptogram (CVV code) indicated on the back of your physical card and press next to validate the information.

You will then have to Accept the general conditions of the Electronic Wallet associated with your bank card. You will then be asked to validate the card in Apple Pay by sending a code by SMS, for example. Once all of these steps have been completed, your payment card should be added to Apple Pay.

3. Pay with your smartphone

All your purchases can be sent to countries with Apple Pay at merchants with a payment terminal accepting contactless payment, but also online on compatible sites.

To initiate a payment from an iPhone equipped with Face ID, press the Power button on the device twice quickly. Apple Pay will present the default configured payment card and validate the payment authorization using Face ID. You will then just have to approach your iPhone to the payment terminal to pay for your purchases. If you have several cards configured on your device, you will need to tap on one of the other cards to use it, and again, identify yourself with Face ID to authorize payment.

On iPhone 8 and below, the activation of Apple Pay is done as soon as the iPhone approaches the reader of the payment terminal. All you have to do is place your finger on the Touch ID button to validate the Apple Pay payment using your fingerprint.

Configure Google Pay

1. Open Google Pay

If Google Pay is not present by default on your terminal, first download and install the application.

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay will allow you to configure one or more payment cards, but also to generate digital versions of your loyalty cards, transport tickets, etc.

Open the application, select the Google account with which you want to associate Google Pay (if several accounts are configured on your smartphone) and press To start.

If you wish, you can Link Google Pay to your Gmail account so that the application can go directly to your reception box, train tickets, loyalty cards, etc.

2. Add a card

Once on the Google Pay home page, go to the tab Payment, and press + Payment method to start recording a new card.

Your smartphone camera should fire to allow you to scan your bank card, but you can also enter the information manually. Fill in all the requested information and press Save.

3. Pay for your purchases with Google Pay

Google Pay allows you to pay for your purchases online, but also at merchants equipped with a contactless payment terminal. Main advantage of Google Pay (like Apple Pay), compared to contactless payment integrated into your physical card, there is no payment limit.

To pay for a purchase of less than 25 euros with Google Pay, you will only have to approach your smartphone to the payment terminal as you would with your bank card, without having to unlock the device.

On the other hand, payments of amounts greater than 25 will have to be validated by unlocking your smartphone, using the lock code, your fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on what your device offers.