How to choose headphones

There are many connectivity options that the headphones can use:

Comfort and fit

You should feel comfortable when you wear headphones . All headphones feel great when worn for a few minutes, but if you wear them for several hours in a row, they may become uncomfortable. Before you buy a pair for yourself, keep wearing them for at least half an hour. If you buy closed-back headphones, look for larger headphones. If you want the ear cups to sit on your ears, buy smaller ones with leather or fabric padding.

Regarding the weight of the headphones, the lighter ones will be more comfortable. If you plan to wear them for long periods of time, use super light and portable headphones with foam pads.

The headband of your headphones also affects your level of comfort when you wear them. Most headphones come with headband-style headbands, but you can opt for a behind-the-neck style. Whichever headband you choose, make sure it is adjustable to suit your fit and comfort. Over-the-ear phones will be extremely comfortable if they have rotating cups. You can adjust them to suit your head to increase comfort and minimize sound leakage.


Portability is usually not an issue when selecting headphones. If you’re going to be wearing them during your physical activities, opt for lightweight, portable headphones. If you want them while you’re working at a standstill, you can go for heavy, closed-back varieties. If you’re recording on location with your laptop or notebook, opt for larger, closed-back, waterproof headphones. The foldable headphones have improved portability and provide sufficient protection for your headphones during transport. If you carry your headphones when traveling, it is wise to keep them in a case to protect them.


Good quality headphones are expensive and should last a long time. Unfortunately, the most durable helmets are heavy. Lightweight headphones can be easily broken by sitting on them or snapping them in half. You must be extremely careful when handling them and always keep them in a case when they are not in use. If they are bendable, check that the hinges are secure. Check the cables which should not be too delicate or too thin. The headphones from Beats by Dre are of good quality, durable, sturdy and reasonably priced. If you buy an expensive pair, make sure its replacement parts are easily accessible.


The cable should be long enough to allow you to move your head when wearing them, but it shouldn’t be too long to get tangled up every now and then. A very long cable can also affect sound quality, as it lowers the volume and introduces noise to cause disturbance. Good quality headphones will have a shielded cable which will minimize noise. If your cable is short, you can add an extension, but make sure it is of similar quality to the original and that there are not multiple connections.