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How to choose a password manager for your phone?

dashlane password manager How to choose a password manager for your phone?

Protecting your passwords means a lot to you? And it’s quite normal! They can potentially contain a large number of your personal data. Everyone has their own method of remembering their passwords or creating new ones. But do you have the right method? Do you use a password manager? We will see here how to choose a good password manager for your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

1. How and why make passwords secure?

1.1. Why secure passwords?

As you all know, the child’s year of birth is not a secure password. Why ? First of all, it is far too short. Then there are only numbers, it is too simple and hack easily. Finally, someone who knows you or does some research on you will not even need tools to crack your password.

However, a password is very important. Of course, that of your bank account will be much more than that of a forum. However, identity theft can start like that (especially if you have filled out your profile very precisely).

A secure password also prevents purchases on your behalf when your means of payment is already filled in and does not require verification (Amazon, to name just one). The longer and more complex it is, the more difficult it will be for the hacker (it can be counted in billions of years!). An overly simple password can be found instantly.

Certain customer areas, often banks, do not give you too much choice by offering you a numeric keypad. In this case, it is different, but when you have the free field, define a complex password (not necessarily complicated, but complex) while respecting the instructions and limits of the site in question.

1.2. How to create a good password?

What makes a successful password?

  • It shouldn’t be too much simple, avoid words (even in Latin) and above all use lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters;
  • Password must be long, avoid below 8 characters, prefer 11 or more;
  • He must be unique, the more your password is used, the more it risks being discovered. This is all the more true if the identifier / password combination is also identical;
  • Password must be recent, if your password is already several years old, you leave more opportunities than if you renew it regularly.

With a secure password, you limit the risk of someone logging in for you, and thus be able to access all of your information. You may be using your browser to save your passwords, but they have their limits.

We all know someone who uses only one and the same password or who has a simple unsecured note with all his pairs of identifiers / passwords and sites combined. Having an unencrypted written record is a very bad idea (it’s like your bank card code).

However, it is not easy to find the happy medium between the secure password (complex and different from the others) and the single password easy to remember. There are different password managers for this, but do you really know what it is?

What is a password manager?

dashlane How to choose a password manager for your phone?

“One to rule them all”. This sentence is true (also) for a password manager.

You only have one password to remember which will open an ultra secure safe, it will be the key to all your passwords. So be careful! Make sure it is secure enough, do not write it down anywhere and remember it. Be careful never to forget your main password, because once the chest is locked, nobody will be able to do anything for you, not even the creator of the password manager.

Why entrust your passwords to software, you say? Mainly to avoid passwords on notes or loose sheets and to further secure your personal data. They have a very interesting and very protective functionality: encryption of your data. Beware, however, of fraudulent software. But not only ! Having all your passwords in one place will make your life a lot easier when looking for the username and password for this or that site, we often forget.

A password manager is an application which securely saves your pairs of identifiers (username / password) corresponding to the site.

A simple password manager will record your passwords. A good manager will also suggest passwords, suggest them to you when you are in the password text field: he will manage your passwords for you. Dashlane does all of this and more as we will explain right after. He is one of the good managers. Each one will have its characteristics, whether in terms of price or functionality.

The characteristics of a good manager like Dashlane

643x0w How to choose a password manager for your phone?

A password manager must keep your passwords secure and ensure that only you can access them. Do you know what makes Dashlane a good password manager? For more information on this tool, you will find detailed reviews here. In addition to securely storing your passwords and being easy to use, Dashlane offers many features.

  • The application will take care of entering the password for you (for example if you go to Amazon it will right click and Dashlane will fill in the fields for you);
  • To connect to it, use double authentication (an even stronger security which will make hacking of your safe almost impossible);
  • Dashlane informs you about the security level and the latest update of your passwords;
  • The ability to change passwords separately or in groups;
  • Receive security alerts;
  • Password suggestions;
  • And finally the possibility of storing your safe in the cloud of your choice, to have your passwords on all your devices and especially to save them with each new modification;
  • Leader in security Dashlane is designed for the confidentiality of your data;
  • Available on all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Dashlane goes even further by offering, depending on the subscription, all this unlimited and by adding:

  • Monitoring and alerts regarding the dark web;
  • VPN;
  • Separate spaces for your professional / personal data;
  • Several users to manage thanks to an administration console;
  • Password groups with secure sharing;
  • A dedicated customer representative.

Security and confidentiality are at the heart of the operation of this password manager that is Dashlane.

Let’s not forget the main thing, your manager must be compatible with your phone. Rest assured, Dashlane is available on your Android phone as well as on your iPhone, iPad as well as your Mac and Windows computers.


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