How to choose a microSD card?

How to choose a microSD card?

What is a microSD card?

SD, for Secure Digital, or secure digital card is a format developed jointly by Toshiba, Sandisk and Panasonic in 2000. The general public has been using it since 2001. The microSD cards are compact and not particularly fragile, which explains their unprecedented success.

There are now different kinds: SD, SDHC, SDXC, etc … which correspond, to sum up, different transfer speeds. In a smartphone, do not confuse the internal SD card, a kind of hard disk dedicated to storage on the smartphone and external SD cards. Most current devices (post 2009) are SDHC compatible.

SD card

For smartphones, we use microSD cards, because smaller than an SD card, so more mobile and more suitable for these mobile devices. With a capacity of 128 MB 2 GB, it will work with all card readers. Given its poor storage capacity, it is practically no longer used today, except in photography.

AndroidPIT microsd sd card sandisk 400gb 9446
These cards are very useful everyday. AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

SDHC card

"HC" for high capacity. This standard handles large file transfers more efficiently. The capacity of micro-SDHC cards varies from 4 to 64 GB. These are the most common currently, they are perfect for a classic use of the SD card. They are not compatible with most simple SD players, especially those prior to 2008.

SDXC cards

"XC" for "extended capacity", stretched capacity, therefore. We go even further with these cards, 64 GB 2 TB. They are compatible with the previous standards, ie with the readers, SD, SDHC and SDXC. Current high-end smartphones display support of sometimes 128 GB.

sdhc adapter
Adapters allow microSD cards to be used on other devices, including laptops. AndroidPIT

Speed ​​classes

You may have seen cards with numbers on them. These are the speed classes. From 2 to 10, this scale makes it possible to measure the maximum theoretical speed that the SDHC or SDXC card supports. For class 2, the card can be up to 2 MB per second, for class 4, 4 MB / s, etc … up to 10.

MicroSD card

Minimum speed
2 2 MB / s
4 4 MB / s
6 6 MB / s
8 8 MB / s
10 10 MB / s

In everyday use on Android, a class 6 is ample. However, if you transfer videos very regularly, for example, a class 10 card may be useful. If you want to record videos directly on your microSD card on Android, then take a class 10, do not hesitate. The speed of writing is much faster, which leads us to the UHS card.

AndroidPIT Nokia 5 013
This type of card can also be used on a computer. AndroidPIT

UHS microSD cards – Ultra High Speed

Behind this vociferous name lies a standard that characterizes SD cards offering a bit rate of up to 104 MB / s. As a comparison, the USB goes in principle up to 480 Mb / s (about 60 Mb / s) but in practice it is often slower.

Since 2009, the UHS-I denomination means cards capable of guaranteeing a minimum speed of 10 MB / s. These are frankly useless for most smartphone users, who only copy and paste files on them. Like class 10 cards, they are reserved for those who want to record HD video in real time on their SD card.

It is important to note that this function does not interfere with the compatibility of cards with simple SD players, but will only be active on compatible devices. So you can use a UHS card on multiple devices, even if one of them is older.

Map NM

This is a new format that has been developed by Huawei (present on the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro) and which currently is not compatible with other manufacturers. If you want more space, you will need to buy this card directly from Huawei.

How to use a microSD card on Android

It's simple, you insert it in the microSD card reader of your smartphone, or "microSD slot". Then we leave time for the device to recognize it. In general, it is best to insert and remove an SD card when the unit is dyed. There is a sense to insert it, so if it does not come in, do not force it.

On Android, it allows you to store data. For example, your photos are saved, and you can move the data of some apps to it. You will find more information in this article: how to copy and move files to SD card on Android.

androidpit files go new
File managers provide access to the contents of the map. AndroidPIT

How to choose an SD card – Conclusion

Choose a SD SDHC or SDXC card, the capacity of course depends on your use. The brand will not make much difference, as long as you stay in the most reliable (Sandisk, Kingston, PNY, Patriot Memory, Transcend, etc …). Note that most brands also offer maps of several levels, there are often models "Pro". Avoid low-end cards, they will lick you and you will lose all your data. Of course, you can point to the best of the best and take an SDXC card, check that your smartphone supports this format.

If you have me handy, do not miss our tutorial to turn your external SD card into internal memory, allowing you to install any application on it. If you do not want to get bored with the purchase of a card, you can go through the cloud to host your data but this will obviously be a problem if you use very large files (eg videos to make montages).

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