How to check that your AirPods are not a counterfeit

How to check that your AirPods are not a counterfeit

With the abundance of counterfeit AirPods, Apple reacts. Here's how to tell the truth from the fake and avoid buying fake headphones.

When a product is successful, it is inevitable to find counterfeits on the internet … and sometimes even by going to the store. With the AirPods, and despite the few apprehensions, Apple has hit hard. It is therefore not surprising to see the blossoming of low-end imitations from the apple brand. On the one hand, there are brands that are trying to find a legitimate alternative, and on the other, Chinese counterfeiters who copy absolutely everything in the design of AirPods.

The price of Apple's costers being quite high, 170 for the basic model, it is not surprising that consumers are trying to find cheaper. But if a discount of 100 or even 50 may seem attractive, beware.

Authenticate using serial number

Having understood the plan of Chinese counterfeiters, Apple decided to react by adding a serial number on each of the listeners. This is located under the eartip that enters the ear. Number which is of course also on the cover of the AirPods box. To check that the product is not a counterfeit, just check it by entering the number on thewarranty validator. However, only the number found on the storage case works. The number on the cutters is therefore used to identify the true from the false, quite simply. At least for the moment…

The answer is in detail

When faced with a counterfeit AirPods, it’s often obvious. All the genius of the design of the cutters of the American firm so much miniaturization, it is easy to identify the counterfeits a little too big. For example, the stem should not be wider than the thickness of an iPhone.

However, some imitations are better made than others. The easiest way is to check the pairing system. To do this, you must have the AirPods box and open the valve. The iPhone should automatically detect the headphones and offer automatic pairing. It would therefore be the safest way to ensure the authenticity of the product. However, this method only works if you have already purchased the headphones and therefore does not protect against a biased purchase.

On the internet, based only on images, it is sometimes difficult to identify the true from the false. But one thing is certain, if a button is visible on the cutters, it is a forgery. The only button is located on the case of the cutters and only serves to pair the cutters with each other in the event that one of the two has been lost.