How to change your bracelet on an Apple Watch

How to change your bracelet on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an object of beauty, but there is no harm changing style from time to time. Fortunately, you can easily change the strap of your Apple Watch to refresh things, at least aesthetically. That's how to do it.

It does not matter whether you have a first-generation Apple watch or a Series 2, 3, or 4. As long as the sizes are compatible, you can quickly and easily change the band for another one. Essentially, there are two sizes when it comes to Apple Watch bracelets. The 38 mm and 40 mm casebands are compatible with each other. Tapes for larger boxes, which are available in 42 mm and 44 mm, can also be mixed and matched in the same way.

How to change the strap of your Apple Watch

  1. It is best to remove the wristband from your watch on a flat surface or on your lap when sitting on the sofa or in a place where you feel comfortable. The last thing to do is to drop the case of the watch while playing with the bracelet.
  2. Start by removing the watch from your wrist.
  3. Hold down the unlock button on the bracelet and, while holding it down, slide the bracelet on the side to remove it.
  4. You can then drag the bracelet of your choice. You should hear a click when the new bracelet is attached.
apple watch series4 change band
Hold the unlock button and slide the bracelet out. Apple

The process is a little different for bracelets links, because they must be separated into two parts before they can be removed. To do this, fold the butterfly closure one side at a time until you hear a click.

Then, press one of the quick release buttons inside the wristbands (the exact button does not matter) and hold it down to separate the wristband into two parts. From there, you can use the bracelet release button to slide the strap exactly as described above.

apple watch series4 band change 2
Remove the watch and slide the bracelet out. Apple

Finally, we arrive at the Milanese bracelet. It was redesigned by Apple in 2018 to facilitate its change. You can see how it works in the picture below, but be careful with the bracelets bought before the new design of 2018.

milanese loop watch band diagram
The Milanese bracelet redraws for the Apple watch. Apple

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