How to change the writing policy of your Android smartphone

How to change the writing policy of your Android smartphone

Personalizing your smartphone is one of the favorite activities of Android users. With this in mind, we offer you today a very simple thing to put your own writing font. You will be able to benefit from all the menus, the name of the apps but also your personalized SMS and WhatsApp conversations. In summary, all the texts you read on your smartphone will have your writing policy or the one you choose to install. Are you ready? So let's go !

For the lucky ones: a configuration in the system

Before putting your hands in grease, let's start with simplicity. Some manufacturers have this default interface, including Samsung, so with a little luck the manufacturer of your phone will offer this option without you tinkering anything. Just go into the display settings and you will find an option to configure the font.

s8 font
Setting the font on the Samsung Galaxy S8. AndroidPIT

For the less fortunate: a hack is needed

How to change the font of an Android smartphone: the prerequisites

Changing the font of an operating system is not something that happens every day, and you need a few privileges to do it. The typography of the system is stored inside the files of the system and to modify them you must have a smartphone root.

androidpit androidpit calligraphy android
Your Android system with your font. AndroidPIT

Scan your calligraphy or choose one

The first step in using our script as the font of the system is to digitize it. For this we will use an online tool named My Script Font.

  • Download documents in PDF or PNG to digitize your writing.
  • Fill the grids with your most beautiful writing. It is advisable to use a fine black tip pen. It is very important not to leave the frame under penalty of seeing the letters cuts.
Androidpit ifont tipografia 02
Do not go away! AndroidPIT
  • After writing all your letters, scan the document in a good resolution (between 300 and 600 dpi). You can scan it with your Android smartphone.
  • Go back to the website and upload your document. You can change the name of your typography.
  • Leave the TTF format and click on 'Start'.

Once finished, you will get a link to download your file: .ttf.

If you do not want to use your own script, you can download other .ttf fonts to the Internet.

Change the typography of your smartphone

Before pasting your calligraphy, make a copy of the original font of the system inside IFont in My> Factory Font> Backup font. Then install IFont.

Androidpit ifont tipografia 01
Look for your calligraphy. AndroidPIT

Save your TTF file in your smartphone. In the iFont app, enter My> My Font. Click on the red letters 'click this'. Look for your .ttf file, select it and click 'SET'.

Androidpit ifont tipografia 03
Start again and the turn is played! AndroidPIT

Your device will reboot and you will finally be able to benefit from your own calligraphy within your smartphone. You can also use others if you do not like yours.

androidpit EN calligraphy suite android
Enjoy your new calligraphy! AndroidPIT

Have you always dreamed of changing the font of your Android smartphone?

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