How to change the speed of Alexa's voice

How to change the speed of Alexa's voice

If you have an Echo device, we're pretty sure you're having a lot of fun talking to Alexa, Amazon's assistant. Alexa can do a lot for you, and it can make your life easier. One of my favorite things is simplicity and ease of managing shopping lists. Since using the feature, I don't forget to buy the items I need when I go to the store. We have shared some useful guides on Alexa, and we will continue in the same direction. If you don't like the speed of Alexa's voice, you can change it. And that's exactly what we're going to show you here. Let's see how to change the speed of Alexa's voice.

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How to change the speed of Alexa's voice

Changing the speed of Alexa's voice is easier than you can imagine.

If you want Alexa to accelerate faster, the only thing you need to do is say Alexa, speak faster.

On the other hand, if you want Alexa to speak more slowly, just say Alexa, speak more slowly.

You can repeat the command until you find a preferred speed.

Let's say you now want to do it the way it was and make Alexa's voice speed the same as before. It's as simple as the commands to speak faster or slower. To reset Alexa's voice to the default speed, just say Alexa, speak your default rate.

Flight. Now you know how to make Alexa speak slower or faster, and you also know how to reset Alexa's voice to its default speed.