How to change the search engine on Firefox

Access all of your favorite search engines conveniently through Firefox’s search bar.

  1. Just type in the search bar on your toolbar or on the New Tab page. firefox search boxes
  2. As you type characters into the search toolbar, your default search engine shows you suggestions to help you find faster. These suggestions are based on popular searches or your previous searches (if this feature is enabled).

menu bar search

  1. Press the key Entrance to search with your default search engine or choose another search engine by clicking on its logo.

Firefox ships with the following default search engines:

Follow these simple steps to configure your preferred default search engine:

  1. Click the search bar magnifying glass in the toolbar, and then clickSearch parameters. search settings fx36
  2. In the search preferences window, choose a default search engine with the drop-down menu. choose default search 38
  3. Close the page about: preferences. Any changes you made will be automatically saved.