How to change the language of Windows 10

If your Windows 10 was delivered to you in a foreign language, you can easily find a system in French. Conversely, if you have to work on a computer in a foreign language, you can easily switch your user account to French.

As the setting is made at user account level, each person using a computer and having their own user account can use the language of their choice.

You can also take the opportunity to customize the keyboard layout used for typing. This can be useful for entering text on a QWERTY keyboard as if you were on an AZERTY keyboard.

How to change the language of Windows 10

Install a new language

You can download any language and switch Windows 10 to it. The directions are given here in French and English. It’s up to you to do the translation if Windows is in another language.

Click on the button Start then on Settings (Settings).


Click on Time and language (Time & language).


In the left pane, click Region and language (Region & language).


Click on the button Add language (Add a language).


In the window, all the available languages ​​are displayed and listed in alphabetical order. Click on the language to install.


The language is added.


Click on it then click on Options.


Then download the language pack.