How to change the default search engine in the new Microsoft Edge?

How to change the default search engine in the new Microsoft Edge?

If in the past Microsoft Edge was not unanimous, the new version of Microsoft's web browser should change the situation. Architectur on Chromium, the open source version of Google Chrome, Edge Chromium is much faster than in the past and should change the minds of the most reluctant.

The new browser from Microsoft borrows a large number of features from Google's web browser, and even has the luxury of offering certain features. The new generation Edge is also perfectly compatible with all of the Chrome extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, and migrating data from Chrome to Edge is a breeze.

But there remains a point on which the new Edge fishes: Microsoft forces, Bing, not really famous for its qualities, is the search engine configured by default. It is however possible to change it very easily and with a few clicks.

1. Access the Parameters

Launch Edge on your machine, click on the main menu figured by three small dots, and go to the Browser's Settings.

2. Enter the Privacy and services options

Then go to the section devoted to Confidentiality and services. Scroll through all the options, then at the bottom of the page in the Services section, enter the menu Address bar.

3. Modify the default search engine

In the settings page of the address bar, deploy the drop-down menu Search engine used in the address bar, and replace Bing with one of the other suggested search engines: Qwant, Yahoo! or Google.

If the search engine you usually use is not in the list, you can add it manually. To do this, click on the menu Manage search engines, then on the button Add.

All you have to do is enter the name of the new search engine, as well as indicate its URL using the precise termination of the search engine followed by % s the place of the request, and validate by clicking on Save.

The addition of this ending, specific to each search engine, will allow Edge to automatically launch a request on the search engine chosen when you enter a word in the address bar.

For DuckDuckGo, for example, the URL to fill in will have the form, while for Ecosia, the URL to indicate will be To know the exact URL used to add a search engine, open a browser window, launch a request on the search engine, and copy all the content of the displayed URL before the search term.