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How to change mobile operator without additional cost?

Your mobile plan commits you over 12 to 24 months? It is possible to stop it at a lower cost.

Image 1: How to change mobile operator without additional cost?

You currently have a mobile plan with commitment … and you have just fallen, via good plans Tom’s Guide, on an unmissable offer from a competing operator! Problem: To take advantage of it, you must suspend your contract and pay termination fees. How to reduce the amount of these? Here are some tips.

The termination fees decrease according to the duration of your subscription

Since the Châtel law, adopted in 2008, mobile operators cannot offer you packages that are binding on more than two years. If you decide to break your contract before its expiry, you will have to pay termination fees … which decrease according to the number of monthly payments already paid.

If you are committed to a 12-month contract, the termination of your package will cost you a substantial sum: all of the remaining monthly payments until the expiry date of the contract. For example, you decide to stop your mobile plan of € 15 after two months of use, you will still have to pay € 15 x 10 months, or € 150.

If you have preferred a mobile plan over 24 months of engagement, know that you will be bound to the same regime as for a 12-month contract… with an additional quarter of monthly payment per month remaining in the second year. Using our previous example: € 15 x 10 months + (€ 15/4) x 12 months, or € 195.

It is therefore better to unsubscribe during the second year, during which period you will only have to pay 25% of the remaining monthly payments. Here, always for our 15 € mobile plan and after 12 months of commitment: (15 € x 12 months) / 4 = 45 €.

To estimate your termination costs, here are some simulators:

Also note that if your package with commitment has just started, it is possible to terminate your subscription up to fourteen days after its signature (Hamon law). The notice of termination is generally ten days but may be extended.

How to end your mobile plan with commitment, free of charge?

In certain exceptional cases, the termination of your contract is carried out at no additional cost. For the termination to be valid and approved by your mobile operator, you will need to provide supporting documents.

You can claim this extraordinary breach of contract if:

Image 2: How to change mobile operator without additional cost?
  • You experience a network malfunction (the site lists the network problems of each mobile operator reported by users, during the past 24 hours),
  • You are moving to an area where your operator does not have an antenna (you will need proof of address),
  • You have just been dismissed (you will be asked to present a work certificate stating the date of dismissal),
  • You are suffering from over-indebtedness (a letter from the Banque de France mentioning a recovery plan will be required).

If you are a third party, you have the authorization to terminate a mobile subscription insofar as the subscriber is incarcerated, unable to use the service following an accident or if he has died .

How to cancel your mobile plan online?

Most mobile operators suggest that you cancel your subscription online. Before deleting your contract, remember to retrieve your Operator Identity Statement (RIO) to keep your phone number. Just dial 3179 (toll free) and write down the code that will be sent to you by SMS.

Then, to access the online termination, click on the following link if you are subscribed:

A follow-up of your termination will be sent to you by email to the email address entered by you.

If you are a Free Mobile subscriber, sending a written letter is requested. It must include your contact details and the number of the terminated line. You will send it to:

Free MobileResolation75371 PARIS Cedex 08

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