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How to change internet service provider without additional cost?

Moving to a new box without breaking the bank is not so easy. Some tips.

Image 1: How to change internet service provider without additional cost?

Not long ago, we were delivering some tips to end your mobile plan with commitment at a lower cost. This time, we help you to leave your Internet service provider … without too many unpleasant new expenses.

How much does it cost to unsubscribe from an ISP?

As with a mobile operator, if you have signed up for a period of one year and you cancel your subscription before the end of the contract, you will have to reimburse the full amount of the remaining monthly payments. In the event that you are no longer bound to a commitment with an ISP or if you have subscribed to an offer without commitment, only the termination fees and the costs of returning the equipment are your responsibility.

You must know that termination fees average 49 euros. The price varies very little depending on the operator with two known exceptions:

  • Bouygues Telecom invoices 59 euros; amount which will be reimbursed to you one month after return of your equipment,
  • Orange does not charge any fees for its subscribers who subscribed before February 7, 2013.

At the end of your subscription, you will also need to return the materials provided by your old ISP in good condition. You can return them to the store or send them by post. Note that postage costs must be prepaid by the supplier.

If you do not return them or if they are damaged, you risk non-return penalties. These penalties reach up to 150 € for a damaged box, € 200 for a degraded TV decoder. Missing accessories are also billed: a remote control, for example, will add 20 € to your slate.

Get reimbursed by your future ISP!

To encourage you to join their subscriber base, all internet service providers (or almost) offer deferred reimbursement offers (ODR). If you subscribe to a specific offer, you will be entitled to a discount to cover the expenses occasioned by your change of ISP. This discount can go up up to 100 euros. To benefit from it, you just need to present proof of subscription from your former operator.

Combine ODRs with exceptional promotions: back to school, Christmas, sales … you can save between 45 and 55% of your subscription for the first year. To watch for these reductions, regularly consult our selection of good plans.

Please note: new ISP, new fees

These commercial gestures, as generous as they are, should not make you forget the costs of commissioning, opening a line or network access. These are free at Orange, from 49 euros at SFR to 59 euros at Bouygues. At Free, those associated with the launch of the Freebox Delta caused a scandal!

If you migrate to a fiber offer, there will be connection costs. The amount will depend on your home and your new operator. These costs are now borne by most operators. Some, however, charge 149 euros for a single house.

Also plan to commission an optional TV decoder. It is 50 euros at Orange, one euro less at SFR which will return the deposit to you at the end of your contract. To avoid Free’s security deposit, choose direct debit payment. At Bouygues, these fees are free.

Image 2: How to change internet service provider without additional cost?

Finally, your equipment being delivered to your home, you will not escape shipping costs. Note that delivery by Colissimo is free at Orange, 10 euros at Bouygues or SFR (prefer pickup at a relay point). At Free, the shipping costs for a Freebox are 19 euros.

You know everything, you just have to make your choice. To help you, follow our internet box comparison.

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