How to cancel an SMS sent on Android?

How to cancel an SMS sent on Android?

Have you ever sent an SMS to the wrong recipient? It only takes a moment of distraction and we jump a line in the directory. There is even worse: send an SMS to the right recipient but with the wrong text, usually because of the autocompltion that makes his own. Rest assured, it is possible to cancel the sending of a message if we do not do it too late.

Before reviewing some applications, it is important to clarify one thing. It is not possible to cancel the sending of your actual SMS. Once it has left your smartphone, you can no longer prevent it from arriving on your recipient's phone. The solution is therefore to delete it while it is still on your smartphone, just before it is sent for good.

What interests us here is therefore a delay functionality in sending an SMS, thus allowing it to be deleted before it is sent. Some overlays already offer this functionality, but you can also go through a third-party application which, in addition, will act as an SMS application.

Textra SMS

Recommended by the AndroidPIT community, this application has the merit of replacing the default messaging service, while being customizable. You can change not only the appearance but also the notifications and many other parameters, including of course the system allowing you to cancel an SMS.

Go to the settings and look for "Delayed sending". You can then configure how long the application should wait between the time you validate the message and the time it must send it to the recipient. So, you have a maximum of 9 seconds to change your mind.

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Nothing could be simpler: just click on the cross to cancel. AndroidPIT
<li>App version: 4.12</li>
<li>App size: 8.8 MB</li>
<li>Compatibility of the app: Android 4.1 or higher</li>
<li>Economic model: free with in-app purchases</li>
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Textra SMS
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Mood SMS

Mood SMS is a popular application that, like Textra, aims to replace the default SMS application. It also offers this functionality, just go to the settings then in "Conversations". You will then find the option "Sending time", you will only have to choose the number of seconds necessary before sending the SMS.

androidpit cancel sms
Mood allows you to delay sending SMS. AndroidPIT
  • App version: 1.86k
  • App size: 34 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.1 or higher
  • Economic model: free with in-app purchases

Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS messaging
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Do you use other apps like this to delete an SMS before it is sent?

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