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How to buy on the Internet without a bank card?

Are you afraid of paying online? Rest assured: your credit card is not always necessary.

Image 1: How to buy online without a bank card?

Confronting miles and queues to do your shopping terrifies you. You have therefore opted for the easiest solution: e-shopping. Only here, presenting your credit card number on the Internet makes you cautious. Be aware that there are different payment methods that will allow you to keep your banking information confidential.

Paypal, the most common solution

With more than 250 million users worldwide, Paypal has established itself as the most reliable credit card alternative on the Internet. It is a virtual wallet which offers you to pay for your online purchases but also to receive and transfer money to your contacts. Of course, you must communicate your bank details to use Paypal, but only with it. This information is not provided to any retailer. In the event of a dispute, the service will reimburse you in full. Another particularity of this service is that it is free for the buyer, all transaction costs are borne by the seller.

Image 2: How to buy online without a bank card?

The e-number, a very practical virtual card

The e-number is a virtual card provided by your bank. With it, you can generate random bank card numbers. Each number can only be used for a single transaction, which prevents fraud. To benefit from this virtual service, simply subscribe to it via your bank’s site. The e-number is then sent to you as a paper memo or as software that can be downloaded directly. Once the subscription is made, you can pay for all your purchases on the Internet, from your computer, phone or tablet. Virtual cards support all transactions made on both French and foreign sites. Please note, however, that some sites are not compatible with this type of service.

Paysafecard, the easy-to-use prepaid card

It is one of the most convenient ways to pay for your online purchases. The principle is simple: you buy prepaid cards from dedicated Paysafecard points of sale. These cards offer different values: 10, 25, 50 or even € 100. You will receive in return a PIN number as well as a payment code which will allow you to pay for your purchases on the Internet. For a high value purchase (over € 100), you can use several cards to pay for the purchase. You also keep a credit that you can use later.

Image 3: How to buy online without a bank card?

Your Internet subscription is also a means of payment

This option is rather intended for inexpensive purchases. If you have an Internet subscription, you can add the amount of your online purchases to the invoice of your monthly subscription, up to a limit of € 60. The monthly purchases will be added directly to the bill from your Internet service provider. Although Orange was the first to offer the service, Free, SFR and Bouygues now offer the possibility of payment by means of a subscription to their services.

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