how to buy ink and toner cartridges at the best price in confinement?

how to buy ink and toner cartridges at the best price in confinement?

Many French people are equipped with printing equipment. Whether for their documents or their everyday achievements, it is a more practical means which requires the use of ink or toner cartridges more or less depending on consumption.

Faced with the latest events related to the coronavirus and in particular to confinement, many French people are forced to print documents several times a day to authorize their exits, and their printer ink consumption increases nonetheless, which has an impact on the portfolio. Although entry-level printers are very affordable and relatively easy to use, there remains the problem of the price of ink cartridges. Indeed, some cartridges can cost as much as a set that includes a new entry-level printer with the cartridges included.

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Even if the manufacturers do everything they can to force you to buy their official cartridges offered at a golden price (messages indicating that the cartridge you are using is not official, …), amateurs have known for a long time that using generic cartridges said to be also compatible makes it possible to obtain a similar result in terms of quality but at a much lower price.

For this good plan we have selected the specialist dealer 123consumables which offers really low cost ink and toner cartridges and fast delivery guaranteed even in these containment times. You will find cartridges and toners of all brands (Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Xerox, …) at really attractive prices, especially on the generic cartridges that we recommend. We also carried out for our own account an order arrived in a few days without worry (and not this article is not an infomercial ^^). Simply enter in the search field the name of your printer and the site will offer you all the official and compatible cartridges available.

Note: once your empty ink cartridges do not throw them away, this same site buys them back from you and offers you vouchers, interesting for your wallet, but also and above all to help preserve the environment.