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How to browse anonymously on your smartphone?

Hide your IP connection when viewing pages from your mobile phone.

anonymous browsing privacy internet smartphone vpn

Why use a smartphone VPN? Have you ever had the impression of being followed when you were browsing on your mobile? This is normal, many parameters allow you to identify yourself: the model of your phone, your IP, your country of connection, the identifier of your smartphone (Device ID)…

Lots of more or less anonymous information that allows you to find yourself or (re) target with advertisements. To limit this collection of data and find some privacy on the web, you can use a VPN. We suggest that you use Opera.

>> Download Opera for smartphone

Once the application is installed and launched, go to the settings by clicking on the menu located at the bottom right of the home screen.

vpn opera smartphone confidentiality

Then press the option Settings.

anonymous mobile phone

In the menu that appears, drag the button to activate the mobile VPN.

active mobile vpn

The VPN is now activated on your smartphone. This system is based on relays often located in foreign countries, so don’t worry about seeing elements appear in English or other languages.

Please also note, this feature is not available on Opera Mini which is a light version of this same browser.

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