How to boost the performance of the LG G3

How to boost the performance of the LG G3

With its glove screen, expandable memory and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 ultra fast processor, the LG G3 is a smartphone that wants. But some users have complained of too much ractivity for a quadcore smartphone.

The fact is that some of the system settings can slow down the LG G3 and you have the opportunity to act. Here are some simple operations to boost your LG G3.

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Before you root LG, first try these tips to improve its performance. AndroidPIT
<h2 style=Clear the application and system cache

On Android, there are two places where your device stores its temporary files: in the application cache – this is where applications keep their files for quick access – and in the system cache – o Android itself stores its files give. These two caches generally work very well, but sometimes it can be a bit of a mess.

If your LG G3 slows, hangs or goes back for no reason, the caches may be involved. If your problems only occur with one application, then first empty the cache. To do this :

  • go ahead Applications> Settings> Application Manager
  • Among all applications, find the application you want to clean, and tap on it
  • Tap on Clear the cache

If the problem is not related to a particular application, it is probably the system cache that is the culprit. To clean it:

  • go ahead Applications> Settings> General> Storage
  • Wait until the storage calculations are complete
  • Tap on Cached data
  • Tap on okay

Clean the cache can take a couple of seconds. Once finished, the screen will refresh and the list of cached data should no longer be displayed (since there are no more cached data).

booster lg g3 cache apps
Cleaning the cache of any device can help you solve some problems. AndroidPIT

Boost system animations

The animated transitions of the operating system are there for one reason: to distract you while the system is loading something. But you do not need it on a smartphone as fast as the LG G3.

  • go ahead Settings> Developer Options and activate them
  • Go down until you see scale animations fentres, scale animation transition and scale hard animation. Tap each of these options, and then select Animation scale .5x, to keep your animations but boost them.
  • If you do not see any difference, restart your G3.
booster lg g3 animations
Android animations are pretty but can alleviate the reactivity of your smartphone. AndroidPIT

Disable and uninstall your apps

Android offers real multitouch: an application can perfectly continue to run in the background while you use a different application. If you have too many applications in the background this can slow down your smartphone. Uninstall or disable applications you do not need in Settings> Applications> All applications.

booster lg g3 reset
The return to factory settings is more radical, but it can make a big difference. AndroidPIT

Reset with a return to factory settings

As the name suggests, a factory reset or "Return to Factory Settings" puts your LG G3 back in the same conditions as it was when it was shipped from the factory. This does not erase your Android updates, but all your data and applications will disappear. So we save all his data before!

There are two ways to reset your LG G3: through software or hardware. For the method software or software:

  • go ahead Settings> Save and Reset> Reset Factory Defaults
  • If you think your problems are coming from an app, clear the Auto Restore check box
  • Tap on Reset the phone
  • Enter your code if necessary
  • Tap on Erase everything

The set will take a few minutes.If your software is inaccessible, you can reset your smartphone in a second way:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Power button. Wait for the system restore screen to appear before releasing the buttons
  • Slectionnez Factory reset by navigating with the volume buttons. Use the power button to confirm your selection.
  • Choose Yes

Once again, it will take a few minutes.

ignore no more teaser
Performance problems are not necessarily the fault of your G3. Have you checked your router lately? shutterstock / Guryanov Andrey

Reboot your router

Whenever you have a performance problem, it is good to be able to identify the culprit. Sometimes you will think "my smartphone is too slow today", while the problem is simply your WiFi connection. One day scientists will invent a router that does not need a kick behind to leave, but until today, you have to go through a regular reboot.

Have you found a particular tip for boosting your LG G3 or identifying a guilty application for slowing down your entire system? Share your comments!

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