How to block a number on the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to block a number on the Samsung Galaxy S4

A person a little too insistent tries to call you again and again, and you want to block his number? here is how to put a blacklisted number on your Samsung Galaxy S4, even if it is not part of your contacts or if you want to limit all calls starting "0900" or otherwise.

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FYI, this feature works on the S4 but it also works on many other Samsung : it's the Touchwiz interface that brings this little plus Android. If you do not have a Samsung, do not worry! You will still be able to block a number by following our How to block a number on Android tutorial.

Block a number on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Just follow these simple and quick steps:

  • Go in your Settings> My device> Calls
  • Then click on Rejection of the appeal
  • In Auto reject list., you can insert numbers block from your call log, your contacts, or simply by entering the number
  • Click on Record to finish entering your number block
block number s4 2
Go to Settings> Calls and Reject call. / ANDROIDPIT
block number s4 3
Go to Auto reject list. then enter the number in question. / ANDROIDPIT

That's all: now, as soon as this issue tries to call you, you will not be notified.

Block a number sequence

For example, if you want to block an ad number, and have repeated a series of regular numbers in the numbers of these calls, you can also block calls that begin, end, or include those numbers.

Let me explain: you find that advertising calls always start with 0900 (for example), you can choose to block them all systematically. To do this :

  • Go in Settings> My device> Calls> Reject call> Auto reject list.
  • Enter the number or number sequence
  • Click on Corresponding criteria and choose the option that suits you
block number s4 4
You have four non-cumulative options. / ANDROIDPIT

Block a number from your journal

You can also, if you wish, block a number directly from your call log. Once on the card of your contact, click on the key settings your phone, and choose Add rejection list.

block number s4
You can also block a phone number from your contacts or call log. / ANDROIDPIT

And here! You are thus rid of any annoying call. Practice, no?

Article inspired by Mark Wilson

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