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How to block a number on Android

Android makes it very easy to block SMS or calls from one or more unwanted contacts. We will explain the steps to effectively filter the calls and not feel agac the sight of a masked or boring number.

Block an Android number

The reasons for blocking a contact are multiple and there are also many solutions to reach one's ends. Either by setting up black lists if the smartphone allows it or manually block each contact. The procedure remains substantially the same for all manufacturers. The titles of the options can nevertheless change slightly. We propose you to go around the main Android builders.

Android Stock: tapes to block a phone number

It's very simple, on most Android smartphones:

  • Open the applicationphone
  • Go to the Recent Calls section
  • Choose a number to block and make a long press on it
  • touchBlock number

There is also another method, which also allows to consult the list and to remove blocked numbers if necessary:

  • Go to the app Phone> Settings(or the menu with the three points)>Call blocking
  • The list of blocked numbers will appear
  • You can then add or delete numbers manually Block a number by adding the blacklist

On EMUI, it's a bit different:

  • Go inPhone> Settings> Anti-spam filter,
  • Go to settings at the top right to access the blacklist (and white).

It is possible to delete a number from the list or to add one manually, from contacts, call log or email.

Depending on the version of Android and the overlay, there will not necessarily be the possibility to define precise rules as on some smartphones. It is sometimes possible to block all numbers that are not in our directory, but it is a measure a bit extreme.

That's why we offer you the following more detailed methods for the most popular smartphone brands.

Block calls on a Samsung smartphone

  • Open the applicationphone
  • Select the number to block and then touchMOREat the top right
  • Slectionnez Add Auto Reject List
  • You can consult this list inPhone> Settings(via the three points at the top right)>Calls> All Calls> Auto Reject List

Block calls on a LG smartphone

  • Open the applicationphone
  • Go to the three points at the top right
  • Slectionnez Call settings> Call rejection
  • SlectionnezCall rejection mode
  • ChooseReject calls from the list
  • In the previous step, go toReject all calls from
  • Add numbers by going toMoreat the top right of the screen thenNew number
  • To reject calls whose number is masked choosePrivate number

Block calls on an HTC smartphone

  • Block the number directly in the list of your calls by pressing and holding Block
  • It is possible to carry out the same thing in the SMS / MMS application

Block calls on a Xiaomi smartphone

  • Go to your call list
  • Press 2-3 seconds on the undesirable number
  • Choose Block
  • Hop! it's over!

Block calls on a Huawei smartphone

  • You must first have made contact with the undesirable number
  • Find it in your directory once created
  • Go to the menu and then touchAdd the automatic rejection list

Apps to block calls

For users whose smartphone does not have adequate options, it is also possible to go through the apps of the Play Store. We find some like Blacklist, Call Blocker or Call Control, the goal of each of them so much to help us have peace.


Call Blocker:

Call Control:

Mr. Number

Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free Mobile: your operator can also do the blocking of his side

Operators can directly block the numbers of your choice from their side. Some operators need to call customer service directly, while others can be done via the customer interface.

free mobile

  • Go to yourFree subscriber areaMobile by clicking here
  • Go in Manage my account> My services
  • Activate the service Call Filters & SMS / MMS
  • Add the numbers of your choice in Filtering incoming communications
  • Check when adding that you choose the action Blockabout this number
  • Click onSave

Orange, Sosh

Orange offers an application Orange Phonewhich allows this blocking.


SFR offers an application, SFR Antispam, directly on the Google Play Store. You can add the numbers you want to block.


Bouygues offers the application Calls & You directly on the Play Store. Application that allows to filter the calls of your choice (which is to block them). And reject anonymous calls, among other features.

Also note that the government has set up a Bloctel device, to try to stop the spam and the ongoing marketing of some companies. Hlas, the service is incredibly inefficient, so we do not recommend it.

And you, what is your preferred method for blocking a number on your Android?