How to better search on Google

Over the years, Google has become the go-to site for all kinds of information. For almost all questions, in fact many times problems too, the general solution is Google.

Little doubt then that Google has become an integral part of most people’s lives. Over time, the search giant has also improved the most popular product in its portfolio. Today, Google search is available in most Indian languages. We are no longer dependent on typing, we can also use our voice to search. Other than that, there are a lot of other tools that make searching on Google much easier and better. These tools not only help us to search for words, phrases, definitions and more, but also details like currency converter, calculator and more.

Based on user search patterns and most searched keywords, Google Search can now correct spellings, predict and suggest new words or phrases to users for example, typing Paneer butter masala will give you recipe suggestions, ingredients, or search for a phone The name will show features, price, specs, launch date and more in keyword suggestions.

How to better search on Google

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to improve your Google search:

1. Exact word / phrase search: Use quotes in the keyword to search for a specific word; research example Formal shirt ‘Appetizers’.

2. Search for a word / phrase you are not sure about: Use an asterisk in the quotes if you want to search for a song with its lyrics eg “I’m calling your name but you’re * around”

3. Search for a word with multiple meanings or references: Use the minus sign (-) before the word to filter your results; example ‘Samsung -smartphone’. This means that you are looking for information on Samsung, but not on Samsung smartphones.

4. Looking for information on a specific website: Use the “site:” function to see search results for a specific website; example “site: (keyword)”.

5. Search the newspapers for old news dating back 100 years: use the Google news archive.

6. Finding the exact definition / meaning of a word / term: Use the word “DEFINE:” to find the definition of the word; example ‘DEFINE: communication’.

7. Search using your voice: Use the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar; example ‘Weather’

8. Search for results linked to a particular country / region / time: use the ‘Tools’ option to add filters to your search; For example, search for ‘Samsung Galaxy S9’ and apply the time filter ‘last 24 hours’.

9. Do you want to search in front of children or family? Use the “Safe Search” feature to filter out all objectionable content from your search; example ‘Activate Safe’ before performing a search.

10. Search for flight details: use Google Flights directly.