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How to avoid spoiler series and movies on the Internet and your smartphone?

Tired of discovering the end of a fiction before watching it? There is less radical than cutting your internet subscription and throwing away your smartphone.

spoilers series tv films marvel got stranger things

The web is at the heart of all dangers and not just because of viruses! Are you a fan of TV series or blockbusters (Marvel films for example)? The Internet, and social media in particular, can spoil your fun by revealing the end without you wanting it … Fortunately, there are extensions to protect you. This is the case of Unspoiler available on your chrome browser.

Unspoiler is very easy to use. Once installed on Chrome, click on the extension icon, top right:

unspoiler block spoilers

Then click in the search field and type the name of the series or movie you are currently watching. Then click on the blue “Unspoil” button. This fiction will now be added to the list of programs monitored by Unspoiler.

series without spoiler

Once your programs have been added, if you try to go to a page that contains possible spoilers, red bands will appear to warn you.

filter spoilers websites facebook twitter

If you wish, and to avoid being warned at all times without reason, you can configure sites in white list. Go to this in the extension options.

unspoiler extension options

Once in the options menu, type the name of the authorized site in the field concerned then click on “Whitelist”. Warnings will no longer appear on this site.

authorized spoiler sites

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