How to avoid scams and viruses on WhatsApp

How to avoid scams and viruses on WhatsApp

With over a billion users, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps for crooks. More than 42 billion messages, 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos are sent each day, which is why the email application is so popular in cyber-malware. So here are our tips for avoiding scams and viruses on WhatsApp.

Rest assured, this article is not intended to make you panic or stop using WhatsApp completely but rather to make you aware of the potential dangers that you can face daily. Android knows how to resist viruses and it is not easy for them to infect our devices.

How can a virus happen on WhatsApp?

Security vulnerabilities are not easy to exploit on Android. This is why crooks try to trick users of WhatsApp into having them install a program or by redirecting them to a website with cookies and malware. These hot links can happen via one of your "contaminated" contacts or via known companies that are used to haul you. These include Ikea, MdDonald's, KFC or brands of clothing (Zara, Nike, Celio …). Deception exploits users' credit and turnip to have them click as quickly as possible.

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How to distinguish scams and viruses on WhatsApp?

Cyber ​​offenders are imaginative as sums and scams can pay are important. We are talking in some cases of scams of several million euros. So there are many forms of scams on WhatsApp. It may be a message warning you to have missed a voice message and inviting you to click on a link to access it, a message asking you to download a fraudulent version of WhatsApp for PC, a message that prompts you strongly respond, of a sexual or professional message. In addition, we can mention the messages inviting update the application may return you to a paid service or that announces the closure of your account.

We are talking in some cases of scams of several million euros.

Finally, one of the most famous and lucrative scams is called WhatsApp Oro. This appealing name is a scam that invites you to download an improved version of WhatsApp with special tools, exclusive themes and other advanced features. In fact, if you follow these instructions, you subscribe to a courier service that you quote 1.45 euro for each SMS that the company sends and up to a maximum of 36.25 euros per month! Forget motorcycles and exclusive functions.

What is the solution ?

In any case, the best way to avoid any kind of scam is to avoid precisely messages with a link to a site that you eat or that seems dubious. If these messages come from contacts you know, I advise you to contact people before opening the links. If these messages come from strangers, do not click especially!

Have you ever received this type of message? Have you been scammed on WhatsApp?

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