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How to avoid being located via your Google applications?

Google shares your location with other apps on your phone. You do not agree ? Let people know!

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Have you ever noticed that certain applications send you advertisements close to your location when you have not activated location sharing? It is surely because you did not share it directly but indirectly. Yes because Google offers, by default, location sharing. And use a lot of finesse to make us accept the sharing of this data without anyone really noticing. Here’s how to turn off this geolocation sharing.

From a computer, this is done from your Google account. And more particularly from the Orders menu relating to the activity. From this page, scroll down to “Location history” and deactivate this option by clicking on the cursor:

google location location history

As the window that will appear will tell you, this manipulation will not erase your history. You will then have to go to this page.

From an Android smartphone, there is unfortunately no shortcut. The option is hidden at the bottom of the Android menus. See you in Settings> Google> Google Account> Manage your data and personalization.

smartphone android localization deactivate

Open this menu and, in Activity commands, select Position history :

stop geolocation android

Finally, deactivate the history by pushing the button below:

stop location android privacy pub

After performing this manipulation, the history is now deactivated. You can still continue to use Google Maps and Waze. Or any other application using GPS like Pokemon Go and LeBonCoin, for example.

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