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How to automatically translate any Android application into any language

How to automatically translate any Android application into any language

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Admit that not everyone is comfortable with the universal language – English. Sometimes, using an application or software in different languages ​​can cause unnecessary problems. This is because we are not always there. comfortable with languages ​​that are not our mother tongue.

Although English is the preferred language, users sometimes want to convert or translate the language of the application; for example, anyone who is proficient in English will face difficulties when reading texts written in Hindi or Urdu. These things are fairly common to everyone.

If we talk about Android applications, many applications available in the Google Play Store were available in different languages ​​such as Urdu, Hindi, Oriya, etc. For example, search for “Quotes” on the Google Play Store. the majority of applications offering quotes in Hindi or Urdu.

How to automatically translate any Android application into any language

Sometimes we want to convert or translate the language built into the application, but due to a lack of options we were unable to do so. Although most applications on Android support multiple languages, not all applications have such features, so in this article we are going to share a great trick that would automatically translate any Android app into any language.

step 1.First, download and install the Xposed Installer app on the advertisement of your root Android device, if this app is already installed on your device, just ignore this step.

step 2.Open the Xposed installer, then find the moduleAIITrans from there, then select it from the search results. After that, you need to go to the Versions tab of the app, then choose the latest version for download. This would download this module on the device.

step 3.Activate the module from the Xposed Installer application, then restart your device. After restarting, you must open the AIITrans application which would be in the application drawer of the Android device. You must first register for theYandex account, but if you already have one, you can use the credentials to log in.

step 4.You will now access the page from which you must create the API key, which will allow AIITrans to use the Yandex translation service. You should note that you have checked the box to indicate that you accept the terms and conditions. You will now get the new API key that you must copy because it will be required in the following steps.

step 5.Open the AIITrans application, then go to the Global settings tab, press the Enter Yandex Translate subscription key option in this tab, then fill in the API key that you copied in the step above. the OK button after that.

step 6.In the Global settings tab, scroll to the Translate language and Translate language options, which would be placed on top of each other, then first press the Translate from language option, then choose the language in which your application is defined before. Most likely, it is the English language, and by default, this option is selected.

step 7.Now select the Translate to language option, then all the apps in the directory device will appear. You just need to select the apps you want to translate, and then finalize your language selection for those apps. This will translate the selected apps to the language If you don't see any changes in the app, try restarting it and it may be translated!

Above you will find an automatic translation of Android apps in all languages.By following this method, you can easily translate any language built into the application.The method is fairly simple, but it requires a rooted device.I hope this article helped you!Share it with others too.If you have any doubts about the sharing method above, let us know in the comment box below.

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