How to automatically close Safari tabs on iOS?

How to automatically close Safari tabs on iOS?

Over the weeks, the tabs opened in Safari multiply on your iPhone. When you tap a link from an email or message, and sometimes when you open a link from a web page, the page requests opens in a new tab.

The web pages opened in the iPhone web browser can thus be counted by the tens, or in some cases, by the hundreds. To get rid of it quickly, there is no need to close it one by one. It is indeed possible to close all open tabs at once.

To do this, simply keep your finger pressed on the button allowing you to display the different open pages to bring up a menu offering Close the X tabs open.

But it is also possible to configure your iPhone so that it does the cleaning itself, regular intervals. Since iOS 13, it is indeed possible to configure the automatic closing of Safari tabs after a certain period of time.

To do this, open the Rglages diOS and go to the dedicated menu Safari. Scroll down to the section tabs then enter Close tabs.

You can then choose to automatically close all open Safari tabs after a day, a week or a month.