How to anonymously watch Whatsapp status

Let’s take a look at the method for watch Whatsapp Status anonymously using the file explorer method.

When the developers of WhatsApp decided to change the entire status sharing feature on this amazing social media, they changed the filter from anonymous to non-anonymous. This means that users were now able to share their status as images or media and not just in text, this media is then shown to all friends in the status section. Whenever someone looks at the status posted by the person he / she is viewed with regard to the name of the friend who actually viewed the status. It’s kind of good to know how many people and who see your status while on the other side for friends seeing the status that they wouldn’t like to let be recognized to see the status. The whole room comes to anonymity. Here the person would like to do some of the settings by which the WhatsApp status would be seen while remaining anonymous all the time. Here in this article we have written about the settings by which the user might be able to view WhatsApp status anonymously. If you are interested in knowing the method to achieve this WhatsApp, then please keep reading this article till the end. So let’s start with the method now!

How to anonymously watch Whatsapp status

The method is quite simple and straightforward and there is a method you can follow to implement it. So take a look at the complete guide discussed below.

Steps to view WhatsApp status anonymously:

# 1 There are two different ways to do this, first we will tell you about the file explorer method . You know that everyone and everything you see on WhatsApp or any other app is saved in the device storage. For Whatsapp status too this is true and you can easily locate the status media in your storage. Thing is state media is not displayed in file browsers, these are all hidden.

To unlock hidden view files, you must first download and install the ES file explorer .

In the settings of this file explorer, activate the option Show hidden files. After making this change head to explorer to where your WhatsApp files are stored.

It’s just the folder named WhatsApp in your storage. In this folder, navigate to the folder Status , you might be able to search for the state files inside. The media for WhatsApp status would be there and then you can view anonymously without the user taking care of it.

The flaw in using this method is that not all WhatsApp statuses are updated in real time and many media statuses will not be available on the folder.

The second method requires you to have root access on the device, is for this reason we prefer not to share this method which is a bit complicated.

Use the above method and you will potentially get the benefits, your friends will never be able to identify whether or not you have seen their status. Hope you liked the information in this post. Please share this post with others and share your comments and opinions regarding the post through the comments section below.

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