How to activate the multi-window with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in 3 steps

How to activate the multi-window with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in 3 steps

Android developers love to slip surprises into their operating system. Android 6.0 Marshmallow has at least three: Marshmallow easter egg, System UI Tuner and developer options. These are resources that go unnoticed by the average user, but are the joy of those who like to take advantage of all the features of the operating system. If you're one of those who loves the hidden features of Android, here's a tutorial to enable and start using multi-window mode in Marshmallow.


  • Your device should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (or higher)
  • Have root access
  • Install an application that supports text editing, such as "build.prop editor".

BuildProp Editor
Install on Google Play

Step 1: Edit your build.prop file

Open the build.prop editor app and scroll down until you find the "" file. Click on it. A pop-up window will open, change the value of the user's property "userdebug" and click "Save".

modo multi janelas android marshmallow app
Download the "build.prop publisher" application and change the value of the "" file. AndroidPIT
modo multi janelas android marshmallow app 2
After modifying the file values, save the changes and reboot the device. AndroidPIT

Step 2: Save the changes and restart the machine

After saving the changes, the system will ask you to restart the device. Turn it off and wait a few moments before turning it back on

Step 3: Use the split screen mode (or multi-window) on Android Marshmallow

You will be able to use the shared cran function. To do this, you must activate the split screen mode in the developer options of the settings menu.

AndroidPIT Android 6 0 Marshmallow developer options multi window mode
To start using the function, simply activate it in the developer options. AndroidPIT

Click the multitouch button to see recently used apps. With each application, you will notice that a new icon appears, as in the picture below:

AndroidPIT ANdroid 6 0 Marshmallow recent apps multi window modeVia the menu of recently used applications, you can share the screen between two applications. AndroidPIT

Click on this icon and the system will ask you how you want to display the separate screens. Remember that the third mode of display is in full swing. To add a second application, you must reopen the menu of recently used applications and click on a view.

The split screen function works in both portrait and landscape modes, and each application can be individually controlled without interfering with the second screen application. However, unlike smartphone software such as the LG G4 or Galaxy S6 + Edge, it is not possible to resize the size of the notches.

Is the multi-window function usable?

For this tutorial, we used a Nexus 5, but you can do it using any smartphone running Android Marshmallow. The multi-window experience is still unstable and, of course, depends on the size of your smartphone screen. However, it is good to see that Google supports Android features created by other manufacturers.

AndroidPIT split screen
The function is still unstable, as in this picture. AndroidPIT

Did you know this secret feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

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