how to activate the instant transcription of your voice?

how to activate the instant transcription of your voice?

If there is one area in which Google excels, it is that of languages ​​and speech recognition. On Android, the Mountain View company offers an accessibility application developed in collaboration with Gallaudet University, the first American university for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Instant transcription can be used by everyone, and can be very useful for anyone looking for a way to easily transcribe a conversation in real time. The application works in more than 70 languages ​​and can even switch from one idiom to another to transcribe what it hears.

1. Download the application

If you haven't already, download the Instant Transcription app to your Android smartphone. However, no icon should appear in the list of installed applications. It is integrated directly into the accessibility menu of your smartphone

Download Google Instant Transcription for Android (Free)

2. Activate the application

Open them settings dAndroid and go to the menu accessibility. Scroll through all the options offered, press Transcription Instantaneous activate the button to Use the service.

Then press To allow to give full control of your device to the Instant Transcription service.

The application, in principle intended for deaf and hard of hearing people, must indeed be able to display screen content, to control it, but also to follow certain interactions with other applications or certain hardware sensors.

3. Customize the settings

Return to the previous menu to access the settings of the Instant Transcription. From this menu, you can modify the size of the text displayed, but also, and above all, configure the main language as well as the secondary language used in the application.

It is also possible, but not mandatory, to activate the recording of transcripts. These are then kept on your device for a period of three days, before being completely deleted, the app also allowing access to the history of transcriptions to erase them manually.

4. Use instant transcription

Once all of your settings are correctly defined, Instant Transcription is accessible by swiping two fingers up from the bottom of the screen. You just have to speak and have a normal conversation so that it instantly appears on the screen.

You can copy the text to the clipboard for use in another application. To do this, keep your finger pressed on the text to select it and press the button To copy.

Finally, it is possible to change the transcription language on the fly by simply pressing the button displayed at the bottom of the screen.