How to activate the 3G / 4G internet connection on Android

How to activate the 3G / 4G internet connection on Android

Often, after updating the Android version of your smartphone, you may encounter some problems with the Internet configuration. Because we have received many mails about this problem, we decided to write this hyper-easy tutorial but – we hope – useful. Because even if they exist, the network settings are sometimes well hidden.

After Nougat update your Android, for example, you may have to reconfigure your network operator so that the data does not fly, or you suddenly find yourself short of high speed. In fact, this is one of the most common problems faced by users.

These settings are sometimes changed magically or are preactivated when you buy a new smartphone or after installing a ROM.

How to configure 4G / 3G / 2G Internet on your Android

This tutorial is valid for any 3G provider operator. To activate 3G simply proceed as follows:

  • Settings> Wireless & networks> Mobile network> Preferred network type
androidpit enable internet connection
The settings you are looking for are in the Mobile Network menu. AndroidPIT

The path may vary, this option appears on the tab More in the section Mobile networks, according to the systems.

In my case, I use this option to limit the 4G if I consumed all my data in a few days. 3G can be slower, but it can save money.

It's up to you to play on these settings to speed up or slow down your connection speed!

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