how to activate Facebook's dark mode on Windows, macOS and Android?

how to activate Facebook's dark mode on Windows, macOS and Android?

Recently, fashion is the use of a dark theme in many applications, but also on more and more websites. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the use of Dark Mode is more restful for the eyes and also makes it possible to make some energy savings, in particular on the devices equipped with an OLED screen whose particularity and quite simply reach the pixels displaying black.

On the web, Facebook currently displays its clear interface by default. Things should however change very soon, the social network being working on a new interface which will include the possibility of applying a dark theme.

However, users of the Google Chrome browser do not need to wait for the deployment of this new Facebook interface to take advantage of Dark Mode on the current web version of the social network. A hidden browser setting allows, once activated, to force the use of the dark theme on the web version of Facebook, on Windows, macOS and Android. Here's how to get it right now.

1. Access the flags

Launch Chrome on your PC, Mac or Android smartphone, and type chrome: // flags in the address bar.

2. Activate the flag

In the search field displayed at the top of the window, type Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.

Click on the drop down menu Default display right, and pass the value on Enabled.

Then restart Google Chrome by clicking on the button Relaunch.

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3. Use Facebook

After restarting the browser, go to the web version of Facebook to log in to your account.

If everything went well, the Chrome interface should have adopted a dark theme. Consequently, should have abandoned its white dress in favor of a dark theme.