How to activate Doze for devices that do not have Marshmallow?

How to activate Doze for devices that do not have Marshmallow?

At the time we write these lines, there are still many devices that are still waiting or will never update to Android Marshmallow. In this case, how to take advantage of certain functions provided by this new version of the system? Today, we will present you a new application that will allow you to activate a famous function of Marshmallow that Doze, but without this famous version of the system. Ah? How? By a new Android application of the same name that brings it with other functions.

How to get Doze without Android Marshmallow?

What is it ?

For those who do not know yet, you will understand that Doze is a new feature introduced by the version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Without going off the rails, this is a dormant feature that can improve battery life by controlling the synchronization of applications and processes in the background when the crest of the device is in standby. How to regulate? In addition to being described as a dormant function, Doze is also smart because it will be able to learn from your uses in order to widen the synchronization frequency of your applications to update them only when you turn on your computer. the screen of your smartphone. Qualifies as revolutionary, this invisible feature is native and does not need to activate a particular option, except for devices that do not house Android 6.0 or higher version of the system.

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If you do not have Marshmallow, then the smartphone has no activation limitation when it is idle. We can see this on the left of the graph above. By having Marshmallow or an application that mimics the same function, your mobile will be able to stagger / expand the synchronization periods by learning from your daily use. The right of the chart – exposed above – is the example. Google

How to activate and use it?

the first opening of the application, you will not be lost since a simple tutorial will allow you to configure and learn how to use Doze – For Better Battery Life. On the first page, the application tells you that it needs to establish a VPN connection to be active at all times. After accepting these conditions, the application darkens and presents you its possibilities. In the top right, the icon representing a sun allows you to configure one or more applications of your choice that will ignore the actions of Doze. Clearly, this means that the application or applications chosen will be ignored by the Doze application and will continue to work in the background as if nothing had been, while the others will be plunged into hibernation until the screen turns on again.

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Here is the procedure to start the application in a few images. AndroidPIT

Once you have configured your applications, you will be able to access other options using the mechanical wheel located to the right. By pressing on it, a menu opens four additional options. Most notably, the first one is called Continuous Mode and lets you keep Doze on when the screen is lit. Useful, if you only want certain applications to remain active when you play or use your smartphone as usual. As for the other two options that follow, these allow the application to automatically disable the dormant function when the mobile is connected to WiFi or an electrical source.

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Do not forget to configure Doze according to your usage. AndroidPIT

Although minor but still useful, the last option disables Doze's welcome message from the moment you turn the screen back on. If I was your place, I would not check this box because we need to know that the application works at all times and this famous message ensures that it has not been stopped by a process any or that she did not plant. After setting it up, you can close it and start enjoying Doze since the application will go into the background and rule all the others.

If you are already on Marshmallow, do not install the application as it may cause malfunctions. It's a bit the same for Sony Xperia's Stamina mode, even if it still needs to be checked. Note that an application will never be as efficient as a native and well-developed function. On the other hand, this application has the merit of bringing a simple function covets by many users. So what are you waiting for!

Where to download it?

The Doze – For Better Battery Life app is available on Google Play (and other platforms):

  • Tested version: 1.8
  • File size: approximately 5.68 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 4.1
  • Economic model: totally free without any advertising or micropayment

Also available on the Amazon AppStore (paid) or Aptoide (free). If this application does not suit you, there are other alternatives that offer similar functions like Greenify or Battery Doctor.

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