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How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp on iOS and Android?

How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp on iOS and Android?

After long weeks of beta testing, WhatsApp's dark mode is available to all users on iOS and Android.

On the iPhone, you must imperatively use iOS 13 to enjoy it. The feature is active by default if you have configured your device to use a dark appearance. If this is not the case, you can activate the dark theme diOS by going to the Settings, then in the menu Brightness and display.

On Android 10, WhatsApp, in principle, automatically applies the system default theme. On previous versions of Android, the dark mode of WhatsApp will have to be activated manually. Here's how to do it.

1. Update WhatsApp

To take advantage of the dark mode of the instant messaging application, start by checking that it is good day. On iOS, the dark theme is available from version 2.20.30, while on Android, you will need version 2.20.65 or higher of the application.

2. Access the WhatsApp Settings

On Android, open WhatsApp, press the options button shown by three small dots, and enter the Parameters of the application.

3. Manually activate the dark theme

On Android 10, you basically have nothing to do if you use a dark theme by default for the interface of your device. If this is not your case, or if you are using a version of Android Prior, you can activate the dark theme of WhatsApp manually.

To do this, go to the Discussions menu and, under the Display heading, enter the Theme menu where you can select Dark to abandon the clear interface or take advantage of the dark mode.