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How to activate dark mode on Instagram? – Tech

How to activate dark mode on Instagram? - Tech

Dark mode has been available on the Instagram app for a few days. Here's how to activate it on a smartphone.

You've been waiting for it for years (or not): the dark mode finally lands on Instagram at the start of October. It is available on the mobile app on iOS and Android. We explain how to activate it.

Here's what Instagram (and pattounes) looks like in black. // Source: Numerama screenshots

How to activate Instagram dark mode on iOS

If you have an Apple smartphone, know that it will first need to update your device. Indeed, the dark mode of Instagram only works with iOS 13. To perform this maneuver, go to your settings (settings). Type update in the small search bar at the top of the screen, select software update. Download iOS 13.

Then, be aware that it is not in Instagram settings that you will need to activate the dark mode. In fact, to achieve this, it will be necessary to activate the dark mode of your iPhone, in a global way. This means that if other applications you have downloaded are available in dark mode, they will also be displayed this way. Conversely, and this can be more annoying, if you like the dark mode on your smartphone but do not like the one on Instagram, you will have to choose between the two: it is not possible to deactivate the dark mode of Instagram if your smartphone is in dark mode ( you follow?).

Now that you have predicted, go to the settings application. Scroll to brightness and display. In appearance, select the dark mode, right. You can see that the entire settings application then also goes into dark mode.

On iOS // Source: Numerama screenshots

How to activate Instagram dark mode on Android

If you have an Android smartphone, make sure you have the latest operating system update. Without Android 10, you cannot activate Instagram's dark mode. Go to this in your settings, updates, and download the latest available.

Once it's done, stay in your settings. From the main screen, slide your finger to display and brightness. Toggle the dark mode slider to the right.

Numerama screenshots

As on iOS, the dark mode cannot be activated or deactivated, only on Instagram. It will be on all applications that have a dark mode, which your smartphone will instruct to switch to this mode.

Article originally published on October 9, 2019

Crdit photo from the front page: Numerama

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