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How to activate dark mode for Windows 10 Chrome

How to activate dark mode for Windows 10 Chrome

The best experience on any device is usually associated with a fully customized interface. Windows 10 has become aware of this fact and has made its applications very customizable, especially when we talk about browsers. One of the most important features of these applications is the dark mode. The tones of the dark modes are very attractive and Windows 10 has made it very practical to activate or deactivate it in applications such as Google Chrome.

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Activation methods

The dark mode function of the browser can be activated by two main methods: the standard method and the powerful method. Basically, the regular method is an easier way. However, due to compatibility issues, execution may fail, therefore forced activation is necessary. Its configuration follows from the software parameters that control the dark mode of the entire device.

Activate dark mode, the usual way

  • Access the device settings from the Start menu or by performing a quick search in the search area located in the lower left corner of the home screen.
  • Scroll through the list of configuration options and select Personalization.
  • This will reveal a set of appearance preferences. Select the color option from the list.
  • An option for dark mode which covers ALL applications of the Windows 10 system is available. Select dark mode for it to take effect instantly.

The recent Chrome update was a pre-release version, where it was only possible to install it on certain devices, although Google later said that the version was now available to everyone. The energetic method is therefore very practical, especially on devices that have not been updated for one reason or another.

Force dark mode on

The main advantage of this method is that it only affects Google Chrome without changing the appearance of all other Windows 10 applications, unlike the method described above. This therefore provides a more intimate and localized level of personalization for the device. The method ignores the system settings because it uses the built-in tools of the browser itself. It therefore activates the activation of dark mode on the browser even if the system settings are contrary to this selection.

To apply it:

  • Locate the Google Chrome browser icon as usual. If the launch icon is not on the home screen or in the taskbar, just do a quick search in the Start menu and use it from there.
  • Right-click the icon in the taskbar or the desktop shortcut and select the mark option. 'Properties'.
  • In the target area, add an empty space and the text force-dark-mode at the end. Note that the saved location may cause a slight deviation, but the result should look like this. C: Program files (x86) Google Chrome Application chrome.exe force-dark-mode.
  • Once you are sure that the entry is correct, execute it by clicking on OK. This will save the changes entered for the browser.
  • Close the browser if it has been launched and give it half a minute to close all background activity, then restart it in the usual way. The changes should have taken effect and you can now take advantage of the dark mode.

Activating a low dark mode on a theme

There is another method to customize the Chrome browser by assigning it a dark mode theme by simply using a theme from the Chrome web store. Just go to the store and look for the just black calling theme. Installing and activating this theme will give the browser the same feeling as dark mode, if not better.