how to activate and use the shared clipboard

how to activate and use the shared clipboard

Google has just updated its Chrome browser to version 79 with many new features.

Among them, a cache function, disabled by default, allows you to share the clipboard content between Chrome mobile and Chrome Desktop. Here's how to activate it and use it now.

1. Update Chrome

Start by updating your version of Chrome. To do this, click on the main menu then, in the menu Help, go to About Chrome.

The browser should automatically search for the latest update, download it, and install it if it is not already done. Clipboard sharing between different versions of Chrome is available from version 79.

2. Use synchronization

To work, functionality requires that Chrome sync is active with your Google Account.

If it is not yet the case, click on the main menu of Chrome, and go to the menu settings where you should find a button forActivate synchronization.

3. Activate the flag

Disabled by default, the function allowing to share the clipboard between Chrome desktop and Chrome mobile is in the menu dedicated to the experimental functions of the browser.

To access it, type chrome: // flags in the browser's address bar.

In the search field, enter the term Clipboard. Three entries should in principle stand out.

For each of them, click on the drop-down menu displayed on the right, and pass the value Default sure Enabled. A blue dot confirming the activation of these three options should appear opposite each of them.

Then click on the button Relaunch to restart the browser to apply the changes.

4. Share the contents of the clipboard

Once the browser has restarted, you should be able to send content from Chrome Desktop to Chrome on Android. To do this, select text, then right-click to open the context menu. Then choose to Copy to your apparatus.

Now you only have to keep your finger pressed on a text input area from your Android smartphone to bring up the Paste menu, and paste the text copied from Chrome Desktop.