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how to activate and use the groups tabs?

how to activate and use the groups tabs?

Are you the type that multiplies the open tabs on Chrome and you can't find your way around? Version 80 of the browser starts the first tests of a new functionality supposed to help you better organize the open tabs by sorting them by groups.

Still at an early stage of development, this function is already available in Google Chrome 80 and can be activated by all users today. This requires access to the experimental functions of the browser. Find out how, in just a few clicks.

1. Access the flags

Open Chrome, then in the address bar, type chrome: // flags and validate. You should arrive on the page dedicated to the experimental functions of the browser.

Chrome Flags

2. Activate the function

In the search box at the top of the Chrome experimental features page, search for tab groups.

Click on the drop down menu on the right, and pass the value Default sure Enabled.

Then restart the browser by clicking on the button Relaunch displayed at the bottom of the window.

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3. Create groups of tabs

After relaunching Chrome, open several tabs on the browser. Right click on a tab and choose fromAdd a new group. Longlet is automatically assigned a liser color.

Chrome tabs

Then click on the colored dot to change the color of your group, but also to give it a name. The tag should disappear and be immediately replaced with the name of the group you just defined.

Chrome tabs

To add one or more tabs to your group (hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to select several tabs at once), right click on the selected tab (s), go to the menu Add an existing group, and select the group in which you want to group them.

You can also add new tabs to a group by dragging them directly into it.

Chrome tabs

You can also open a new tab in the group by right-clicking on one of the group's tabs and clicking on New right tab.

Each tab group is identifiable by the colored border that runs under each of the tabs added to the group.

4. Delete or modify the tab groups

To remove a tab from a group, right click on the tab and choose to Remove from group.

It is also possible to fully group the tabs or to close them all at once. To do this, click on the group name, and choose to Dgrouper, or of Close group.