esim apple watch Comment activer une eSIM sur son Apple Watch

How to activate an eSIM on your Apple Watch

esim apple watch How to activate an eSIM on your Apple Watch

The iPhone is not the only power to have a telephone plan. Apple Watch too. Finally, it is not a package well, the same as your iPhone. You can activate, deactivate or manage your eSIM from your Apple Watch.


Not all watches and operators are compatible. Although your iPhone can be a SIM or an eSIM, your Apple Watch will necessarily have an eSIM. Your 2 devices will then share the same plan.

You must have :

  • A package and active final number on your iPhone with a compatible operator, currently only Orange and SFR offer an eSIM for your Apple Watch;
  • An Apple Watch Series 3 or higher GPS + Cellular ;
  • Your Apple Watch must be twin with this iPhone;
  • An iPhone 6 or more recent and be under iOS 11 (Orange) or iOS 12 (SFR) or more recent;
  • Your Apple Watch must have watchOS 4 or higher.

To learn more about compatible Apple Watches and operators who offer this option, Apple maintains a list.

You also want a package with an eSIM on your iPhone? For the moment, only Orange offers it, but it is possible.

1. Activate an eSIM on your Apple Watch

All manipulations must be done from your iPhone. If you are in the process of fitting and configuring, the process will come to you. You can press Add cell plan. Otherwise, press Ignore this tape and follow ours:

1.1. Open the application Watch ;

1.2. Stay on tab My watch ;

1.3. Press Cellular plan ;

1.4. Press on Activate the cellular plan or, if you already had this option on your old watch, press the then Manage account ;

Then it will depend on your operator, but the principle is there:

1.5. Enter the identifiers of your operator and read the details of the option (or vice versa);

1.6. Validate and confirm your choices by following the instructions from your operator.

As soon as your Apple Watch and iPhone are close and connected to each other with Bluetooth, your Apple Watch will have its eSIM.

2. Remove an eSIM from your Apple Watch

If you have just changed your watch, as with the iPhone, it is preferable to delete the SIM.

2.1. Open the application Watch ;

2.2. Come on My watch > Cellular plan ;

2.3. On the package in question, press> Remove plan ;

2.4. Confirm your choice.

iphone watch cell phone plan How to activate an eSIM on your Apple Watch

We are talking about an option here. It's about same package than your iPhone. The two do not need to be close once the package is activated. However, for some features, the iPhone must be turned on.

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