How not to be overwhelmed by the notifications on Android?

How not to be overwhelmed by the notifications on Android?

Smartphones are great for staying connected to the world all the time, but they can sometimes turn against us by attacking us with notifications. So, certainly, these last ones can be very useful most of the time but it happens sometimes that we felt invaded by these alerts during a day. Fortunately, Android is a wonderful world where it is possible to better manage its notifications. Let's find out together in this article.

Why manage his notifications?

With the growing number of applications that we can install on our smartphone, it becomes almost almost essential to manage its notifications. Between Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Snapchat, The Team, The World or Flipboard for example, it does not happen 20 minutes without we receive an alert. It is easy to realize that these do not all turn out to be useful. Better control of your notifications will give you more security if you do not want to be overwhelmed by the notifications sent by your Android smartphone.

Better control of your notifications will bring you more certainty

Temporarily turn off all notifications

Like Apple's iOS, Android now offers natively since Marshmallow 6.0 a feature "Do not mess" that prevents your smartphone to put sounds, vibrate and even disable all interruptions. This way, you can turn off all notifications on your phone or only allow important notifications, such as alarms or certain calls.

Concretely, the notifications arrive gradually but they do not come to disturb you because your smartphone remains silent and its screen remains dyed.

Android Marshmallow or higher version

Go to the settings of your smartphone. Click on Sound and Notifcation then Do not mess to set the mode as you want (message, call log, reminders ..).

androidpit FR sounds nepasderanger
Android Marshmallow has made it easy to manage notifications. AndroidPIT

To activate this mode, you must then press the Volume – button and then press Alarms Only, Priority Only, or No Interruption. It is also possible to open the quick setup window by swiping the screen twice down and click on Silent.

androidpit EN notifications activate
You can also disable application notifications in ring mode. AndroidPIT

It is also possible to automatically activate the mode Do not drown. Here you can define the times when the function is active automatically,

androidpit EN automatic rules
The Do not Dranger function can be activated only in the evening for example so as not to be drang. AndroidPIT

Android Lollipop or lower version

If you have a lower Android Lollipop version, it is also possible to disable all interrupts. To do this, press the Volume + or Volume – buttons until a menu appears.

It is then possible to disable notifications on your smartphone in two different ways:

  • Priority: Only priority notifications, such as alarms, are allowed. You can define which ones you consider to be priorities. It is important to specify that when you restrict notifications to priority interrupts, you will not hear other notifications. Head to Settings> Sounds and notifications> Interruptions then cchoose the types of priority notifications
androidpit FR priority
You can customize the priority notification types. AndroidPIT
  • None: All notifications are disabled. Important: when this setting is enabled, no alarm sounds!
androidpit FR all
It is also possible to remain quiet with Android Lollipop. AndroidPIT

Restrict notifications some apps

Some people can also better manage their notifications by controlling which apps can access notifications. Android Lollipop has made it easier and Marshmallow has given even more control by allowing permissions to be denied. Notification management is in your Paramtres> Sounds and notifications. In Application Notifications, you can access the settings of each application. Perfect to stop bothering your caller when your smartphone rings horn and cry the slightest notification.

It is also possible to activate the function to hide a notification when the device is locked.

Android Marshmallow or higher version

androidpit marshmallow notifications
Managing your notifications is now child's play on Marshmallow. AndroidPIT

Android Lollipop or lower version

parameter notifications
Even if the options are less advanced, it is also possible to restrict certain applications.

And what techniques do you use to control your Android notifications? Do you leave them all or have you ever made a selection?

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