How Much Money Apple, Google and Others Make Every Second

Everyone recognizes the tech giant Apple still has a leading position in the tech market and an ability to develop and introduce new products on a recurring basis. However, today in this article we will tell you how much money tech giants like Apple, Google and others are making every second.

How much money are Apple, Google, and the like making every second?

After once topping the list of large companies, tech giant Apple has once again been voted the most profitable company on the planet, according to the Fortune Global 500 list.

Tech giant Apple has been one of the leading tech companies for some time. Their products are real commercial successes, which is reflected positively in the profit of the company.

The tech giant Cupertino, Apple has been on the Fortune Global 500 list for several years, still occupying a prominent position and ranking at the top of the list. Bringing together the top 500 tech companies, the Fortune Global 500 can bring together the most influential companies in different fields, grouping them together by many factors.

A recent study, based on public information and accessible to all, has come to show how much the tech giant Apple and other tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft manage to gain every passing second. However, according to the recent study, the tech giant Apple is at the top of the list because it is very valuable and it breaks with all the competition, in the most diverse fields.

Based on the liquid annual results of the top Fortune 500 companies, TitleMax created a study to reveal how much these companies charge for every second that passes. The values ​​are huge and reveal a reality many might think, but it was only now quantified.

Dominating this list we have tech giant Apple, with every second that passes the tech giant is making $ 1,444.76 in profit. This value almost doubles the second qualifier, JP Morgan Chase, who gets a value of 782.14 dollars.

Fortune 500 leader Walmart is much lower on the list, getting $ 431.43 per second, ahead of giant Intel, which receives $ 326.22 per second.

Below Apple we find its main rivals. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, ranks 27th on the Fortune 500 list, earning $ 615.96 per second. While tech giant Microsoft is down, it is making $ 531.21 per second.

It’s not uncommon to see this result from tech giant Apple, which is gearing up to be the first company to mine $ 1,000 billion worth, giving it a prominent place in the industry.

The tech giant Microsoft also hopes to achieve this valuation but knows that it will take longer than Apple. Analysts predict 2021 that tech giant Microsoft will manage to reach this value.

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