How does the dock work on Apple Watch under watchOS 3

How does the dock work on Apple Watch under watchOS 3

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watchos 3 iconToday we will see how does it work the dock on Apple Watch under watchOS 3. Indeed, glances (or glances in English) are gone with watchOS 3, so how?

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If you were used to accessing your favorite apps via a bottom-up gesture on the Apple Watch screen, there is now a control center instead.

So where is the dock?

show-dock-watchos-3-multitasking-how tuto.jpg

How to open the dock under WatchOS 3?

It has actually replaced the circular view of your favorite friends, when you press the power button on the watch.

So, this same button now opens the dock with your favorite apps (cf capture). The advantage of the dock is that it is also multitasking and keeps the apps on alert. As a result, they open more quickly.

How to configure it?

To put applications (in addition to the basic one), there are two solutions: directly on the watch or from the iPhone.

To configure the entire dock, going through the phone will come back more convenient:

  • Open your iPhone
  • Open the Apple Watch app
  • Go to "My Watch"
  • Click on "Dock"
  • Click on edit on the top right
  • Add apps and rearrange in the desired order

To add an app to the dock directly from the watch:

  • Open the desired app
  • Press the Power button
  • Press the "keep" button that appears below the preview.