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How do you know if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

Are you losing friends on Facebook? Identify the people who decided to block you.

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Facebook is above all a place of exchange. But sometimes, around a post, the tone rises. Without knowing it, your friend may have blocked you. There are several methods to find out if you are blacklisted … and by whom.

Method 1: do a search

As simple as it sounds, if someone has blocked you, it will no longer appear in your Facebook search engine. To confirm your suspicions, switch to private browsing or change your browser. Time to do a search while you are not logged into your Facebook account. If the person appears in the search engine via this navigation mode, sorry for you: you are blocked.

facebook blocking search engine

Method 2: immerse yourself in your public exchanges

Look at a Facebook post you previously shared with the person you suspect. If you are blocked by this person, the discussion is still present … but the profile picture of the person has been replaced by a question mark.

Method 3: Your mutual friends can remove the doubt

Go to the profile of a mutual friend with your angry contact. Click on his list of friends then do a search. If the person does not appear, you may have been blocked. Please note: this technique only works if your friends’ friends list is public.

mutual friends facebook blocking

Beware of miracle extensions!

Several browser extensions, Chrome or Firefox, are described as essential solutions to easily identify who is blocking you or who is unsubscribing from your Facebook profile. These extensions are ineffective at best, Facebook regularly blocking these types of programs. At worst, these are disguised adware.

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