How do you know if Cambridge Analytica has stolen your data on Facebook?

How do you know if Cambridge Analytica has stolen your data on Facebook?

The news has been around the world in recent days: the firm Cambridge Analytica has managed to obtain the data of many Facebook users. There is a lot to say on the subject, but one question remained until now: Are you one of the users? You can check it easily.

When the Cambridge Analytica case began to make itself known, a question appeared on many of the lips: who is concerned? This is a vast question since it concerns not only the users who participated in the This Is Your Digital Life but also all their friends. Mark Zuckerberg confided that 211 000 French are concerned: are you part of it?

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You will be fixed in one click, just go to this link indicating the answer. If you are not one of the victims of this data theft, you will receive the following message:

According to our reports, neither you nor your friends have connected you This Is Your Digital Life. Therefore, it does not appear that This Is Your Digital Life has shared your Facebook information with Cambridge Analytica.

If, unfortunately, your data has been stolen (either directly or through one of your contacts), you will receive an explicit message. Facebook also details the parts of the profile that Cambridge Analytica was able to access, including the public profile, the pages you've given a "like", your birthday and the city where you live. Facebook also points out that "a small group of people who have connected to This Is Your Digital Life "also shared their news feeds, diaries, posts, possibly even your home townIn short, many things.

Are you concerned about this problem?

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