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How do I search for a person by a mobile number?

You don’t like answering unknown numbers? It’s your right. But when it does not leave a message, it is impossible to find its owner. However, there are solutions to identify your mysterious correspondents.

Image 1: How do I search for a person by a mobile number?

Your phone rings but you did not have time to pick up on time. Your correspondent has been forwarded to your mailbox, on which he has not left a message. His number is saved, but without a name to associate it with, it’s difficult to contact this unknown person. There are, however, a few methods to try to identify a person from their number.

Several reverse directories are indeed available on the Internet. They will allow you to search by telephone number, landline or mobile, in an attempt to find an identity. However, you should know that these services have their limits. And that it will not, for example, be possible to find the owner of a telephone number if the latter has objected to his operator. In this case, its number will not be listed in any directory (red list) and it will therefore not be possible to find it via a reverse directory service.

The most popular research services

The reverse Yellow Pages directory: the famous yellow pages directory has been around for a long time on the Internet and offers its own free reverse directory. It works with both professionals and individuals and is one of the most complete of its kind. Although it is mostly effective for landlines. It includes the numbers used on Internet boxes (which generally start with 09).

Image 2: How do I search for a person by mobile number?

The 118,000 reverse directory: the telephone service also has its free online reverse directory. In particular, it offers the advantage of providing additional information when it is available. Like the route to take to get to an address or other numbers that would be associated with a name.’s reverse directory: the site, which offers a directory of professionals and individuals, also has its reverse directory. It works with fixed and mobile lines, but also with Internet box numbers.

Image 3: How do I search for a person by mobile number?

Fasto: highlighting the speed of its service, Fasto above all has the advantage of working with both fixed and portable numbers. Note that when searching for a landline number, if he cannot find a match, he can search from the number prefixes to determine the approximate region from which the call originates. .

Again, these services only work with numbers whose owners have not prohibited the publication of their contact details in the directories. Finally, note that leaving missed calls is a common technique of some telemarketing companies. Calling back the number in question will often result in a premium rate call. If in doubt, it is better to ignore these missed calls: if it is important, you will know soon enough.

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