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How do I permanently delete an impossible-to-delete file?

Learn how to delete your blocked files quickly and easily.

Image 1: How to permanently delete a file that cannot be deleted?

Even with a perfectly maintained and functional operating system, one does not escape this message one day or another: This action cannot be performed because the file is opened in another program

These files which are literally blocked can, in fact, be in use by other programs in the background: Windows image viewer, synchronization tool or other miscellaneous program. A real plague to discover the origin of this blockage when you do not know where to look. With Emco UnLock IT, you can find the culprit and delete these files once and for all.

Download Emco UnLock IT for Windows

Once the program is downloaded and installed, launch it.

The simplest method is to use the drag and drop function (drag’n’drop) from Windows to drop the file to be deleted in the software window.

Second option: from the main software window, click on the radar at the top right (the Check icon). Then, in the window that appears, click on the small arrow at the top right. Navigate to the blocked file and validate. The blocked file will then appear in the ” Resources

Image 2: How to permanently delete an impossible to delete file?

Select the file by clicking on it. Click again on the padlock icon (titled Unlock) from the menu. Most of the time, the software will try to stop the program that blocks this file. So remember to save all your open documents because an image viewer or burning software can cause new crashes.

Once the operation is validated, the file will be unlocked and you will finally be able to delete your unwanted file.

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